Want to use our service to solve your captchas?

 Our default rate is 1.0 uBTC per captcha (about $0.60 per thousand), and in the event that we report an incorrect captcha solution, we won't charge for that captcha.

 Typical response time is between 20 and 30 seconds. At times where few users are online, CaptchaCoin uses a 3rd-party service to guarantee that captchas are solved in a timely manner.

 Our API is ridiculously simple and is easy to interface with in any language (though we have a special Python module to make things even more trivial). You can even try it out right from your browser!
You'll need an api key to begin. You can get one here.

Example/Quick Start:
>>> from clientapi import * #Place clientapi.py in the same directory as this script. Download: http://static.captchacoin.com/api/clientapi.py
>>> api_key = "938cacfba74b490fa68778072ae00153" #Replace with your actual api key (get one here: captchacoin.com/api/makeapikey)
>>> print(get_details(api_key))
{'max_images': 25, 'balance': 0, 'img_info': {}, 'addr': '1GdnKTjnNoPkVkDNL9w7KMsVpLH9bRGqPZ', 'success': True}
>>> #Notice we have a balance of 0.
>>> #If you have a bitcoin wallet, deposit a small amount of bitcoins to the address you were given (1GdnKTjnNoPkVkDNL9w7KMsVpLH9bRGqPZ in this example).
>>> #Alternatively, go back to the home page and solve captchas using the above bitcoin address (you will be credited within 5 minutes).
>>> #You may also email your api key to captchacoincontact@gmail.com for some free testing credits.
>>> print(get_details(api_key))
{'max_images': 25, 'balance': 10000, 'img_info': {}, 'addr': '1GdnKTjnNoPkVkDNL9w7KMsVpLH9bRGqPZ', 'success': True}
>>> #Cool, now we have 10000 satoshis (100 uBTC). Let's solve a captcha:
>>> solution_info = submit(api_key, img_file="example.png", wait_for_solution=True) #Replace "example.png" with the path to an image on your hard drive.
>>> print(solution_info)
{'age_seconds': 13.311, 'img_key': '2fee61fba08f4dc5a9c122ce26553295', 'success': True, 'solution': 'example', 'value': 100, 'assigned': True}
>>> #Great, we got our solution (access the solution via solution_info["solution"]), and it's correct. Tell the server so:
>>> print(post_status(api_key, solution_info["img_key"], status=True))
{'success': True}
>>> print(get_details(api_key))
{'max_images': 25, 'balance': 9900, 'img_info': {'7dd476b5309f4f01816c85a5b2fe2690': {'assigned': True, 'age_seconds': 15.674, 'solution': 'example', 'value': 100}}, 'addr': '1GdnKTjnNoPkVkDNL9w7KMsVpLH9bRGqPZ', 'success': True}
>>> #As you can see, the value of the image has been deducted from our balance, and we can view all the solutions to our recently-solved captchas here, too.
Some Quick Notes:

 Although you can mark captcha solutions as incorrect, and thus avoid paying for them, we record your reported accuracy and this affects how long your captchas will take to be solved. And if your accuracy falls below 40%, we will temporarily stop accepting captchas from you.
 If you want to try out the API without actually investing any bitcoins, then make an api key and get its associated bitcoin address. Use this address to solve captchas on the main part of this website and the balance displayed at the top of the page will reflect that of your api account.
 All API calls accept both GET and POST http parameters, though it's recommended to use POST parameters for submitting images, as they likely won't fit into a GET request.
 Bitcoins may be purchased at Coinbase or Camp BX. More methods are listed on the Bitcoin Forum.